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Advanced Biomass Gasification:

Indra Scientific has developed a highly innovative gasification technology that has specific applications in the thermal-chemical gasification of different kinds of biomass or other carbonaceous feedstock.

The technology is based on a new gasifier design concept: Top Reduction Updraft Gasification.

Our TRUTM technology has the following advantages:

  1. -very efficient gasification of all carbon, resulting in ultra low particulate emissions and virtually no soot

  2. -advanced reactor design and reaction kinetics, with no dioxin & furans and extremely low NOx emissions

  3. -very small physical footprint, specifically a significant reduction in gasifier height

  4. -very broad feedstock spectrum

  5. -can use feedstock with very high moisture content such as Municipal Solid Waste and fresh agricultural and horticultural waste

  6. -automated operation ideal for distributed deployment 

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